Where Have All the Longneck Beer Bottles Gone?

Q: It seems like the longneck bottle and Texas beer used be synonymous with each other, but over the past few years the beer section at my local grocery store has been stocked with more and more canned Texas beers and fewer and fewer bottled Texas beers. In fact, this seems to be the case […]

Sea Rim State Park’s Fragile Magic

Far away from the cares of urban life, discover a seaside refuge bursting with life,” says Texas Parks and Wildlife’s interpretive guide to Sea Rim State Park. “Bursting with life,” absolutely: the park is home to (or rest stop for) an awesome collection of critters, from neotropical birds and bobcats to coyotes and alligators. And […]

You Can Never Leave the Border Behind

hen I think of la frontera—the El Paso–Juárez borderlands—the first thing that comes to mind is the oppressive heat and dust, and our attempts to defy them. When I was growing up, those suffocating summers during which months pass without a single raindrop made me fantasize about winter and fall and even worry that they’d never […]

Fort Worth Gets a Serious Contender with Derek Allan’s Texas BBQ

Derek Allan’s Texas BBQ might be the newest barbecue joint in Fort Worth, but owners Derek and Brittany Crudgington have been in the smoked-meat business far longer. They ran a food truck, Don’t Mess With Texas BBQ, in a the parking lot of a Best Buy in Grapevine for two years. It closed in 2017 […]

Smoked Burgers, a Meat Fight 1K, and the Valentina’s Love Story

Barbecue was once a Southern food with a national fan base. Now it’s a national food with Southern roots. Now barbecue has a future as well as a past.” – John T. Edge. Food & Wine loves the new smoked burgers found across Texas, especially those at LeRoy & Lewis and Valentina’s in Austin, Smokin’ Moon in Pharr, and […]

A Restored Cult Film Starring Bill Paxton Gets a Fort Worth Premiere This Week

hroughout his life, the late actor Bill Paxton played a lot of different characters on the screen: a heroic astronaut, a sympathetic treasure hunter, a gutsy storm chaser, a goofy Marine. His most unusual role, though, was one of his earliest. In Taking Tiger Mountain, Paxton portrays a teenage American draft dodger who, at the behest of a […]

Let Your Soul Glow With SLAB BBQ’s McDowell Boneless Rib Sandwich

Mark Avalos has been an innovator since he opened his Sugar Shack BBQ trailer in Austin in 2006. Back when pulled pork remained a rarity in Texas, he was selling it on a sandwich with coleslaw on top. “The Notorious P.I.G.,” as he dubbed it, doesn’t seem all that odd now, but it was then […]

The Gospel of Texas Barbecue Is Spreading

Texas barbecue is flaunting its dominance in some unexpected places these days. During a road trip through portions of Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, I didn’t bring along high hopes for smoked brisket and sausages, but was proven wrong. And in Missouri, where Kansas City style barbecue is religion, Texas-style sliced brisket is creating converts. While in […]

The Romance of the Rail in West Texas

It began this summer, when we slept with our windows open. The first time it happened, I awoke in the middle of the night not knowing what I’d heard. It sounded like loony laughter from a dozen different souls, some of them clapping weird noisemakers, before their demented hilarity abruptly ceased. Moonlight streamed into the […]

How Katherine Owens Transformed Dallas Theater

Dallas doesn’t always get the credit it deserves for its rich theatrical history. Today the city is flush with young actors, directors, and playwrights mounting exciting new projects and productions. It’s played host to numerous world premieres and newly commissioned works. Perhaps most remarkable of all, innovative women have long been central to these successes, […]